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Post  sherpaj on Wed Jun 25, 2008 3:31 pm

just wanted to take a moment or two to introduce myself to the linkshell in the forums. i'm sherpaj, rank 10 of Sandorian allegiance.
job rundown: thf75, rdm75, whm38 (tele-enthusiast only), blm37, nin37, mnk36, smn27, war23, rng19, cor13, drg2, sam2, brd1, bst1, blu1, dnc1, drk1, pld1, pup1
craft skillz: bonecraft29, alchemy28, cooking10, leathercraft7 and nothing else worth mentioning
CoP: 4-2 ready
ToAU: The Black Coffin
ZM: sky access (mission 13 complete)
my wife (Blakara) and I stay together on our missions, although when it comes to leveling we often set out on our own depending on our mood

we moved to the siren server from another server due to excessive children and rude people over there it was becoming very frustrating trying to get anything done.

we enjoy dynamis, sky, and pretty much anything else out there that is rewarding and within our time/accessibility. we are on eastern standard time. she works very early in the morning so during the week 9pm or so is usually the latest she will be on game. weekends we have been known to pull all nighters to get things done (we went from rank 5 to rank 10 in one night/morning)

basically we like to have fun with others, and can take a good ribbing as well as the next individual, so long as it remains within linkshell rules and is held (somewhat) respectful. there are certain lines that shouldn't be crossed and we will let you know if what you do or say is offensive to us. from there, don't be surprised if you end up on the dreaded blacklist your inability to be nice continues.

i am retired military, which simply means i'm a bit older than the average player, but in a lot of ways i'm still a teen at heart.

other than that i guess if you have any questions ask me in game.

i play on a PC and at present Blakara is on an xbox360. we maintain a linux box between us so we have constant web access. if you ever need something looked up don't hesitate to ask, as long as one of us isn't busy usually we'll look things up for our fellow LS members.

it's nice to meet everyone and we look forward to many adventures on the siren server with you all Smile



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Post  Miayoko on Thu Jun 26, 2008 3:23 pm

Hell hello and welcome to siren Very Happy

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