Double Dragonian KSNM!

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Double Dragonian KSNM!

Post  Drakenv on Tue Mar 25, 2008 1:20 pm

Alright I know Felixthegreat needs Destroyers so do I for my monk so some people I hear want to do this one. I can go as 75 nin, ranger, Samurai so I know we need all 75 jobs, whm for sure, rdm bard or blm, a pld or 2 nins, the rest DDs. As I remember we need to sleep the bard dragon and kill the DD dragon so a sleeper is very important. So lets decide a time and day for this. Whoever goes with us on this Felix gets the destroyers auto lot no matter if its not his drop. Its rare ex don't worry about it. IF it drops again in that run which I doubt it I know I wanted the destroyers if anyone else wanted it thats in run IF they drop a second time that person and I will lot for it. Thats how its gonna go people I hope thats understood this run is mostly for Felixthegreat.


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