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Post  Drakenv on Wed Mar 19, 2008 9:21 pm

Well lets start rolling in some GIL!!!!!!!!!!! bounce

Okay on this we want people who want to do a BCNM, KCNM and ISNMs!.
No matter if its rare ex items desperately needed or just straight out GIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bounce
Only requirement I'm looking for is the name of BCNM,KCNM or ISNM. Try and give a brief amount or level of mobs and which jobs are needed. If you are doing the KSNM, BCNM or ISNM for a rare ex item please let me know in advance so we can make that a locked lot for you to lot on that item. I doubt anyone will care since its rare ex BUT if its a item two people want like destroyers hand to hand weapon then we can
hopefully work out agreement.
NOW example time!

Arrow Arrow Arrow Arrow Arrow Arrow Arrow Arrow Arrow Arrow Arrow Arrow Arrow Arrow Arrow
FYI! cyclops
And yes I stole this info kinda!

[b]BCNM![/b] AKA:Beastman seals!

Beastman's Seals are dropped randomly by any Mob. Kindred's seals are dropped randomly by Mobs level 50 and higher.

* Star Orb trade 40 Beastmen Seals. This will let you fight in a level 40 BCNM Battle.

* Comet Orb trade 50 Beastmen Seals. This will let you fight in a level 50 BCNM Battle.

* Moon Orb trade 60 Beastmen Seals. This will let you fight in a level 60 capped BCNM Battle.

* Lachesis Orb, Clotho Orb and Atropos Orb trade 30 Kindred Seals. This will let you fight in a level 70 BCNM Battle.

* Themis Orb - Trade in 99 Kindred Seals.

Take the orb to the burning circle in the appropriate zone.Only one person in the party needs to have an orb in order to fight a BCNM battle. Each battle has a 30 minute time limit. If you succeed in defeating the BCNM in the alloted time, an Armory Crate will appear. Target and attack it to retrieve your party's reward.

Zones are:

* Horlais Peak at J-6 of yughott Grotto (Level 40, 50, 60, Uncapped)
* Waughroom Shrine at I-10 of the Palborough Mines, 3rd Floor (Level 40, 50, 60, Uncapped)
* Balgas Dias at F-12 of Giddeus (Levels 40, 50, 60, Uncapped)
* Chamber of Oracles at E-10 of Quicksand Caves (Level 60)
* Cloister of Tides in Sea Serpent Grotto (Level 60)
* Sacrifice Chamber at E-5 of Rancor's Den (Level 60)
* Qu'Bia Arena at K-8 of Fei Yin (Level 70)

Specific Encounter Information will be listed on the site as separate quests within each zone. Click on the orb you want to use to see what quests it applies to.

KSNM! AKA:Kindred Seals!

Kindred Seal Notorious Monster battles or KSNMs, are another type of instanced challenges nearly identical to BCNMs. The differences between these battles and BCNMs are the lack of a level cap and the type of seals required by Shami. Adventurers of all levels may participate in these battles. There are four types of orbs available for KSNM battles:

* Atropos Orb, 30 Kindred seals
* Clotho Orb, 30 Kindred seals
* Lachesis Orb, 30 Kindred seals
* Themis Orb, 99 Kindred seals

ISNMS and ENM AKA:ENM=Empty Nortorious Monsters and ISNMs are Imperial Standing Notorious Monsters!

Riches, rare items and experience points await adventurers who are bold enough to face Empty Notorious Monsters and Imperial Standing Notorious Monsters -- also referred to as ENMs and ISNMs.

Much like BCNMs, players must trade an entry item to access these closed-off battlefields. Some ENMs can be won alone, while other ENMs may require entire alliances. No more than six people can enter an ISNM battlefield.

ENM battles are level capped. For example, players' levels are reduced to level 30 when entering an ENM30. On the other hand, players can choose whether to impose a level cap in place during ISNM fights. Setting a level cap allows higher-level players to party more effectively with lower-level players.
Arrow Arrow Arrow Arrow Arrow Arrow Arrow Arrow Arrow Arrow Arrow Arrow Arrow Arrow Arrow

As you can see its very important to find out what jobs you have to offer for these type of battles if you become interested and also try and help each other out. Some of these battles you need like 2 DDs and 1 mage kinda deal so please keep that in mind. For the 70+ stuff if its ODS you can most likely wear whatever and be fine since its mostly based on WS, skillz and evasion. But some of these fights you need top gear and correct jobs to do a clean run. Anyways post what you want, what you need and what jobs you have to offer to help yourself and everyone else!

Here are some links for BCNMs, KSNMs and ISNM fights!
First one is KSNM and BCNM! Second one is ENM and ISNM!

Okay lets figure it out and have fun!: : sunny affraid affraid


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Post  Drakenv on Wed Mar 19, 2008 10:09 pm

Well my jobs to offer are

Waughroom Shrine BCNM 40 - Royal Jelly
Drops:Archer's Ring,Buzzard Tuck,De Saintre's Axe,Dusky Staff,Gold Beastcoin,Goshenite,Grudge Sword,Himmel Stock,Mana Ring,Mannequin Hands,Marksman's Ring,Pearl,Scroll: Air Spirit Pact,Scroll: Erase,Scroll: Fire Spirit Pact,Scroll: Ice Spikes,Scroll: Phalanx,Scroll: Refresh,Scroll: Utsusemi: Ni,Sealed Mace,Shikar Bow,Steel Ingot,Steel Sheet,Turquoise
Reason: I want Utsusemi:Ni mostly for my mule tonymontanavii to use and yeah good money for rest of you though Very Happy
Jobs Needed:2 DDs and RDM is recommended!

Horlais Peak BCNM 40 - Under Observation
Drops: Behourd Lance,Black Pearl,Buzzard Tuck,De Saintre's Axe,Garnet,Grudge Sword,Hecteyes Eye,Himmel Stock,Mantra Belt,Mutilator
Peacock Charm,Peridot,Raifu,Reraiser,Scroll: Erase,Scroll: Ice Spikes,,Scroll: Phalanx,Tilt Belt,Tourney Patas
Reason:Peacock charm I want it to have because I am too lazy to go and camp NM ><! But for everyone else thats great gil a few items on this that drops I have not seen before unsure if they are worth anything.
Jobs Needed: Well this one is weird you can do it with 3 BLMs, 2nins and a rdm(nins must be using all spells plus INT rings to help do more damage with their spells and backwards tanking!)Duo this with a bst if blu/nin, and I have heard 3 blus can own it too. So lots of job options.

Horlais Peak KSNM 30KS (Clotho orb) - Double Dragonian
Drops: Adaman Ingot,Attila's Earring,Damascene Cloth,Damascus Ingot,Destroyers,Dissector,Dragon Heart,Dragon Meat,Durandal,Ebony Log,
Heart Snatcher,Hoplites Harpe,Minuet Earring,Orichalcum Ingot,Phoenix Feather,Platinum Ingot,Pole Strap,Raxa,Sorrowful Harp,Spear Strap,Subduer,Sword Strap,Wyvern Scales
Reason:Besides GIL! The destroyers must have yes please rare ex item. Good for monks!
Jobs needed:Well I've done it twice the setup Ive seen 70+jobs recommended 75 jobs only. 2NINs one to main tank other to help semi tank plus voke the slept dragon.WHM CURE=V,RDM,BLM,DD=BLU,SAM,WAR,DRG,MONK/NIN!Bard would be nice but rdm can help refresh,sleep,haste and cure. Other setup recommended is:Bard is extremely helpful IMO keeping the Minstrel slept +ballad. White Mage = Cure V. Red Mage assist w/ sleeps later on, DoT on Berserker, kite if needed. Paladin to eat the powerful hits, possibly survive if Cursed. BLM or RNG would be able to stay out of AoE +BLM DoT. NIN x2 or NIN & WAR may work. Dragoon for dragon killer effect! I won't lie this KSNM is more organized then any other BCNM or KSNM you will have in future it is extremely important to know your job your role so you don't get eaten by two dragons ; ;!

Waughroon Shrine KSNM 30KS (Lachesis ORB) - THE FAMOUS! Operation Desert Swarm
Drops: Adaman Ingot,Anubis's Knife,Black Beetle Blood,Claymore Grip,Coral Fragment,Damascene Cloth,Damascus Ingot,Damascus Ingot,Ebony Log,Expunger,Gold Ore,Gold Thread,Heart Snatcher,Hierarch Belt,High Quality Scorpion Shell,Mahogany Lumber,Malboro Fiber,Mythril Ore,Orichalcum Ingot,Palmerin's Shield,Philosopher's Stone,Phoenix Feather,Platinum Ore,Pole Strap,Senjuinrikio,Serket Ring,Sword Strap,Trainer's Gloves,Venomous Claw,Warwolf Belt!
Reason:GIL!! Also that serket ring looks cool for mage jobs I got it twice and sold both stupid me ;;! I know many NINs in our LS want to get Senjuinrikio which is rare ex katana and of course theres Orichalcum Ingot! And yes the famous and evil Venomous Claw which I can make scopry harness with. Evil evil evil recipe ><
Jobs Needed: Well this one is cake if you can solo your own scorp or /nin. I've done with Bard/nin, Blm,WHM/nin,Rdm/nin,War/nin,Monk/nin,PLD and pld/nin,NIN,Thfs,. The ones that died:Ranger/nin highly not recommended, Samurai with /nin and without nin for some reason they just i da no maybe the SAMS we went with just suck. You can come under 75 but lowest Id say 74 so you can cast NI which is very helpful if the scorp your soloing eats your shadows! I know a lot of people IN LS want to do this for gil or a rare ex item so yeah lets set this one up easy.

Balga's Dais KSNM 30KS (Lachesis ORB) - Royale Ramble
Drops:Adaman Ingot,Coffinmaker,Coral Fragment,Damascene Cloth,Destroyers,Dissector,Gondo-Shizunori,King of Batons,King of Coins,King of Cups,King of Swords Card,Mythril Ore,Orichalcum Ingot,Philosopher's Stone,Phoenix Feather,Queen of Batons,Queen of Cups,Ram Horn,Raxa,
Trainer's Gloves,Trump Crown,Vile Elixir,Warwolf Belt,Wyvern Scales.
Reason:Coffinmaker and Destroyers!!
Jobs Needed:Well I know 6 blms can own it or 5 Blms and a whm. As for everyone else still looking into it ;; .

75 ENM - Brothers
To enter:Be 75 and In order to begin this quest you must first talk to Zebada at (F-12) in Ulegerand Range. He will give you a Rare/Ex item called a Cotton Pouch. Slide down at (E-9) and enter the cave at (F-Cool and trade the Cotton Pouch to the Chamnaet Spring to get another Rare/Ex item called Chamnaet Ice. Go back to Zebada and trade it to him and he will give you the key item Zephyr Fan. This is the item needed to enter the battle and everyone in the party must have it to participate.
Drops: Cassia Lumber,Cloud Evoker,Dragon Bone,Eltoro Leather,Forager's Mantle,Hedgehog Bomb,,Martial Anelace,Martial Lance,Scouter's Rope,Scroll: Raise III.
Reason:Items want Foragers mantle,Hedgehog bomb(i believe suggiii wanted this so heres your info girl.)Scouters Rope and hell Raise III be nice if I decide to 75 whm! Stuff I'd use pretty much on this fight.
Jobs Needed:This fight is odd I'm reading you can duo this as 2 RDMs, RDM and BLM, 2 SMNs and 1smn and rdm. As for melees I dano still researching that.As long as we have one RDM and one BLM so they can sleep one of the mobs and melees go all out on the non slept mob seems to be a piece of cake. It just seems as long as every person gets the key items required then we all can enter but this one is a little tricky.

Well thats what I'm interested in maybe more later lol


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I need them too!

Post  Felixthegreat on Fri Mar 21, 2008 3:36 am

I need Destroyers and dune boots atm.
and relic gear but thats a different story.
jobs I have to offer: mnk75, war43, nin37, thf19 lol
And as always, If you need my help... most likely i will come unless busy.
nice post btw!


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Post  SUGGIII on Fri Mar 21, 2008 6:28 am

TY for info I will work on the required item I want the bomb lol


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